Version release notes

Version 1.5 (released 9/4/20)

  • Release notes

    • Added JUMP

    • Any in-progress audio is now turned off when the end of the protocol is reached and the experiment ends

Version 1.33 (released 3/6/20)

  • Release notes

    • Bug fixes from version 1.32

    • If any of the monitors defined in DISPLAYS ARE {…} have DPI not equal to 100%, a parsing error explains the issue and gives a link to further instructions on how to change display scaling, if needed.

    • KEY is now a valid LOOP terminating condition.

    • Any keywords can be used in the SIDES ARE {…} definition, not just LEFT/CENTER/RIGHT. If custom sides are used, they each need a key assignment, and all other starting definitions need to use these sides.

    • Halting an experiment while a look is in-progress will now result in that look being logged in the event log, with duration recorded as "in_progress".

    • If an experiment is halted while a light is blinking, BITTSy now properly turns off the light. Previously, BITTSy handled this correctly for light ON actions, but BLINK would stay on and leave a background process open even after closing out of BITTSy.

  • Documented issues

    • Audio that was still playing when the end of the protocol was reached would continue playing after the experiment had ended, which could cause BITTSy to crash and log information to fail to save. Only the combination of audio stimuli (not lights, video, or images) and this experiment end condition (not ending by pressing the escape key, or ending in an error message) produces this behavior. Adding an AUDIO OFF command before the end of the protocol prevents this issue. (Resolved in version 1.5)

Version 1.32 (released 12/9/19)

  • Release notes

    • Bug fixes from version 1.31

    • Log files now have the BITTSy version number in which the session was run recorded in the header information

  • Documented issues

    • Looks logged in a direction with no active stimuli could be "left over" and logged later to that side once a stimulus became active. Because trial starts clear in-progress looks, this issue only occurred when the stimulus appeared outside of a trial. (Presumed present in older versions; resolved in version 1.33)

Version 1.31 (released 11/18/19)

  • Release notes

    • Notes entered in the comments box on the user interface are saved to the header information in the detailed log (comments box is locked once the experiment starts).

    • New default values for COMPLETELOOK and COMPLETELOOKAWAY of 100 ms (previously 1000 ms).

    • Terminating an experiment early by pressing the escape key during the execution of a loop step could sometimes result in BITTSy crashing and failing to log data. This has been resolved.

  • Documented issues

    • Looks toward active stimuli that are in progress at the end of a trial will have 250 ms added to their logged time. Trials that contain this error can be identified in the log by searching for the phrase "Debug: look towards L being handled automatically" (replacing L with whatever keys can correspond to an active direction), and subtracting 250 ms from the last look length logged on that trial. (Presumed present in older versions; resolved in version 1.32)

    • In some cases, audio stimuli could still be considered active on a side after they had finished and the trial they were in had ended. Audio files were cleared from the active stimulus list by AUDIO <side> OFF commands, but not by trial ends. This could result in a look that took place after the end of the trial being logged as if it were a look to the now-completed audio file. Looks that occur in between trials are properly excluded in standard generated reports, but any custom report function should check for them. (Presumed present in older versions; resolved in version 1.32)

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