Creating a custom report function

Running a custom report within the reporting module

In addition to the standard reports, the reporting module has an option for running a custom report. You will be able to write an additional report function that is used whenever you select this option on the user interface.

After the reporting module reaches its first full release version, we intend to make it open-source. Instructions will be added to this page on how to add your own custom function or modify existing functions for your lab's general needs!

Creating your own report from log files

Just like the reporting module's existing reports, you can pull necessary information to calculate and report measures of interest directly from detailed log files or via the All Event Info report type. You can use any programming language in which you have expertise (e.g. Python, MATLAB, Visual Basic in Excel) to parse, filter, locate/calculate values from log files. Feel free to make use of the community on our Slack channel for any questions about working with log files or for inquiries about any similar custom scripts made by other researchers!

Share your custom reporting function

Do you have a custom report function you have created to use with BITTSy logs? If you are willing to share it with other BITTSy users, we would love to make it available as a resource. You never know who will find it useful! Get in touch through our contact form or on Slack, and we will link your info here!

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