BITTSy allows images or videos to be displayed to 1-3 screens. In addition, one screen is reserved as the experimenter's control monitor.

Ensure that your computer system and graphics card can handle the desired number of displays for your experiments - see system requirements and recommendations page

We do not recommend using on-board sound from televisions with BITTSy (see here for more info). Therefore, when selecting displays, it is not necessary to consider sound quality.

We recommend a having a larger central monitor for use in preferential looking paradigm studies/visual fixation studies. Any television screen is fine. Just pick one of the size and quality you want.

We used two TOGUARD WR943 10.1” screens for the side locations, but any smaller television or computer monitor would work as well.

Take note of the display output port types from your computer, and the input ports for your displays, and purchase connector cables or converters as necessary. Side monitors will require much longer input cables/extensions.

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