The development of BITTSy was funded by NSF BCS1152109, "New Tools for New Questions: A Multi-Site Approach to Studying the Development of Selective Attention".

Grant researchers

Rochelle Newman, University of Maryland College Park

Elizabeth Johnson, University of Toronto at Mississauga

Ruth Tincoff, The College of Idaho

Kris Onishi, McGill University

Beta testing sites

Speech Language Acquisition & Multilingualism (S.L.A.M.) Lab, University of Delaware Primary investigator - Giovanna Morini Lab manager - Emily Fritzson

Tweety Language Development Lab, University of Arizona Primary investigator - LouAnn Gerken Postdoctoral researcher - Megan Figueroa

Language Development Lab & Canine Language Perception Lab, University of Maryland College Park Primary investigator - Rochelle Newman Lab manager - Emily Shroads

Development team

Documentation and manual

  • Rochelle Newman

  • Giovanna Morini

  • Emily Shroads

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